Marc Rosenbohm

Marc Rosenbohm is the newest addition to the World Economic and Environmental Services (WAEES) team, joining in May 2016 as an Agricultural Economist. He currently works on US Crops, International Oilseeds, International Biofuel, and Global Calorie Models.

Growing up on a farm in northwest Missouri, Marc is no stranger to agriculture. This passion is what led him to the University of Missouri to initially study agricultural business management. Prior to joining WAEES, Marc interned with two grain companies, working in both operations and merchandising, and participated in two agriculture-focused study abroad trips.

Marc received his B.S. from the University of Missouri in Agricultural Business Management. Through coursework and undergraduate research, he became interested in agricultural modeling and economic analysis, ultimately pursuing a Masters degree. He received his Masters in Agricultural Economics in May of 2016, also from the University of Missouri.